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Latex pillow
Somma Vesuviana, Naples

Soft soap-shaped pillow made of latex

The latex pillows at Somma Vesuviana in Naples are appreciated for their numerous advantages. Their characteristic is that they are soft and firm at the same time, representing a helpful support for the cervical spine. They are developed to mould perfectly to the body shape so as to give a firm support to the head while sleeping. In particular, LLCI offers a soft soap-shaped cellular latex pillow. It is provided with aerators on the sides that favour air circulation and humidity dispersion. It is soft to touch but gradually firm at the pressure of the body. It is softer at the centre and firmer on the sides. The holes distributed on the surface make the different areas of the pillow respectively softer or firmer. The dimensions are 72x43 cm and it comes in different height of 12, 15 or 18 cm. The best latex pillows at Somma Vesuviana in Naples are only at LLCI.