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Ergonomic memory pillow
Somma Vesuviana, Naples

Ergonomic pillow for a perfect night’s sleep

The ergonomic memory pillows at Somma Vesuviana in Naples guarantee a perfect head support preventing those cervical pains that come from sleeping on the wrong pillow. This ergonomic pillow is the perfect orthopaedic solution for the cervical area and it is entirely made of memory foam. Its particular waved shape with two different levels enable you to choose the suitable position for sleeping. The anatomical shape of this pillow facilitates the perfect head support preventing any cervical pain. The memory foam is thermo-sensitive and self-moulding, giving you the right comfort. It is also non-deformable, anti-acarus, hypoallergenic, ecological and natural. Its size is 67x42 cm and the height is 12 cm; it is covered in a jersey cotton pillowcase. For a perfect night’s sleep, try our ergonomic memory pillow at Somma Vesuviana in Naples at LLCI, You just will not be able to live without!