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Materasso Puro Luxury 

Somma Vesuviana, Napoli

three layers ergonomic mattress

If you are looking for Pure Luxury Mattress at Somma Vesuviana in Naples come at LLCI. Pure Luxury is a mattress that guarantees the highest performance. It is composed of three layers that are shaped to create specific levels of hardness for different pressure areas, so as to ensure a perfect moulding to the body shapes. It is intended for those who prefer the softest support for a maximum comfort during the sleep. The three layers are respectively made of D-30 foam, D-25 foam and visco pur. The polyurethane used for this mattress ensures a perfect support thanks to its high density: this foam is, in fact, absolutely non-deformable and characterised by a high elasticity, providing unparalleled comfort and a very long life. The next-generation low-resilient viscoelastic foam produced in one block is appreciated for the fact that it facilitates the correct distribution of the body weight on the mattress during the sleep. You will enjoy a lightweight and perfectly breathable mattress, which is non-deformable, hypoallergenic, anti-acarus, ecological, natural and CFC-free. It is also provided with an edge strip with four 3D handles and two aerators. Come and try the Pure Luxury Mattress at Somma Vesuviana in Naples at LLCI.