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Polaris Mattress

Somma Vesuviana, Naples

Polaris Pocket Sprung Mattress

Come At LLCI and discover the Polaris Mattress Somma Vesuviana in Naples. The main feature of the Polaris mattress is its pocket spring system: it contains individual springs cushioned in their own pockets to provide support across your body, moulding perfectly to the body movements. When you lie on the Polaris Mattress, you soon realise that only the springs directly under your body are strained. The Polaris mattress is the perfect solution for those who love resting on a soft surface that has no rigid parts and moulds around your natural body contours. It has a spring system with 5 or 7 levels of hardness for different pressure areas, consisting of independently moving self-moulding tempered springs encapsulated in their own fabric pocket. It has a high-density expanded resin box system with edge support; and a double compact insulating system made of carded needled thermal-melted fibres. It has a high-density non-deformable box system for edge support, a compact double-layer insulating system made of carded needled thermal-melted fibres, and 3-cm-thick expanded insulating material made of D-25 foam. It has jacquard diamond-patterned cotton upholstery, an edge strip with 3D handles that make the mattress easy to move and two aerators, in addition to a 3-cm-thick layer of perfectly self-moulding non-deformable memory foam, also available in a removable version. It is 23/24-cm-deep. You will find the Polaris Mattress at Somma Vesuviana in Naples exclusively at LLCI.