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Pluto Special Mattress

Somma Vesuviana, Naples

Pluto Special Sprung Foam Mattress

The Pluto Special Mattress at Somma Vesuviana in Naples is one of the flagships in the LLCI production. This special mattress model employs not only Bonnell springs, which are biconical warp-proof tempered steel wire coils that make the mattress particularly firm, but also a 3-cm-thick layer of non-deformable low-resilient memory foam that moulds to the shape of the body. The outstanding features of this mattress make it especially suitable for people with blood flow problems: one is the ability to mould to the shapes of the body through the corporal heat so that it is the mattress that conforms to the vertebral column and not the reverse and the other is the ability to maintain the temperature stable during the sleep. Moreover, Pluto Special Mattress is hypoallergenic, treated with anti-acarus agents, breathable, non-deformable, ecologic and natural. The covering fabric is diamond-patterned 100% cotton. It has a high-density non-deformable box system with edge support; compact insulation system made of carded needled thermal-melted fibres; 2- cm-thick expanded insulating material made of D-25 foam; an edge strip with 3D handles that make the mattress easy to move and two aerators. It is available in beige. These are the qualities that make this mattress unique and guarantee the highest performance. You will find the Pluto Special Mattress at Somma Vesuviana in Naples exclusively at LLCI.