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Nettuno Mattress 

Somma Vesuviana, Naples

Nettuno sprung mattress

If you are looking for a solution that is both practical and high-quality, Nettuno Mattress Somma Vesuviana in Naples is the best deal for you. The solid Bonnell spring system made of high-strength tempered steel combines comfort with a long life. Bonnell springs, the most popular type in the world, are biconical warp-proof tempered steel wire coils. Their structure facilitates internal aeration and offers a suitable prop for those who love to lie on a firm and long-lasting support. The mattress’ response to the weight works moulding to the shapes of the body and covers large areas, giving stability to the whole structure. It is a breathable 20/22-cm-deep mattress; treated with anti-acarus agents, it is hypoallergenic, ecological and natural, representing the proper solution for people suffering from allergies. It has a high-density non-deformable box system with edge support; compact insulation system made of carded needled thermal-melted fibres; 1.5-cm-thick expanded insulating material; covering jacquard diamond-patterned fabric made of cotton and an edge strip with 3D handles that make the mattress easy to move and two aerators. It is available in beige and light sky blue. Discover the Nettuno Mattress Somma Vesuviana in Naples at LLCI.